Our vision is our passion!

We are living through exciting times as a true revolution is happening in the way food proteins are being designed and produced. New biotechnology processes allow the production of sustainable cruelty-free proteins, positively impacting the lives of billions of living creatures on the planet.

We started Final Foods with the vision of a future of food based on alternative proteins and a sustainable, better world with no animal suffering. Our mission is to create a biotechnology platform to make recombinant proteins that is accessible to a new generation of entrepreneurs and food operators.

We envision this platform as the result of engineering work and taking advantage of not only advances in biotechnology, but incorporating also IoT devices and software in the cloud. The software and remote monitoring is key to enable a network of micro-plants spread across the country, and eventually the world, that produce food proteins at an affordable cost and without the need of setting up a biology lab. 

While large investments and efforts are ongoing to build the large chemical plants monsters for alternative protein, with the same shortcoming of the traditional food industry, we want to promote a grassroots effort to make new food with an artisanal spirit that respects local food cultures and traditions. We share the vision of the Slow Food movement that envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet. The only difference is that nutrition based on animal proteins is not sustainable, not good for the planet, and producing unnecessary animal suffering. 

We start with training because we believe that spreading knowledge is the key to any ambitious project and to make change happen, not through patents and secrecy. For the food revolution to happen we need to nurture our passion and extend our knowledge.

It is also a more compatible approach considering the times we are living in, with an insidious virus limiting our ability to meet and to enjoy working as we used to. That is why we start with offering online classes that will become hands-on once we have the pandemic under control and it is safe again to hold our training courses in person; note that online versions will always be available for remote learners.

As for any other innovation, it is the people with curiosity that lead the way. I look forward to hear from you and to share the passion!

Marco Graziano
CEO & Founder