Bioreactor Primer syllabus

This two days course is a hands-on primer on precision fermentation for everyone who wants to learn more about the basic principles of growing microorganisms in a lab-scale stirred tank bioreactor. The course is taught in a show-and-tell fashion by a qualified instructor.

In the course an end-to-end process for an aerobic fed-batch cultivation of Pichia Pastoris in a 2L bioreactor is presented live from start to end in the laboratory classroom. 

The course is in-person at BioCurious in Santa Clara.


Objective of the course is for even inexperienced users to be able to understand the principle of designing and running a standard bioprocess. 

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to understand the principles of operation of a lab-scale stirred tank bioreactor.

The course is adopting best practices of the alternative proteins industry.


A basic understanding (high-school level) of biology and chemistry is required as a prerequisite for attendance.


Day 1 - Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

Getting to know the bioreactor
Design of the reaction
Start of the seed culture
Medium, feed, acid, base preparation
Bioreactor assembly
Details of process control software 

Day 2 - Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm

Online and off-line parameters monitoring
Sampling procedure
Assessing progress of the reaction
Determination of critical points in the reaction
Start of fed-batch phase
Data collection
Discussion and conclusions


Julian Ramirez, Biologist, Principal Scientist, Final Foods